Access and Manage Your Account

Logging in

New members are given a four-digit account number and an encrypted password to log in to the system.

Please check your details and add some personal info here. You can create listings, upload a photo, change your password or register a new email address in this section.

Save your changes by clicking on the 'Update' tab at the foot of the screen.

Manage your listings

On the Update Listings page you can create, edit and delete your listings. All new members are asked to enter at least one offer and one want when they start. If there isn't an appropriate category, you can list things under 'Miscellaneous'.

Note: If your listing is time-limited, please either set an expiry date or remember to delete it.

New listings are sent to members in a weekly email, and current listings can be viewed on the Offered and Wanted directories. Members interested in a listing can contact the poster directly.

How much to charge

As a general rule, we suggest 5 reekies per hour, with travelling time being taken into consideration. If someone incurs monetary expenses, these are often reimbursed in s. For more help on these topics please see our Trading Guidelines and the Inspiration List.

Exchanging Reekies

Once you have provided a service/product go to Transactions and transfer or invoice the other account. The online system makes exchanging credits simple. Members - especially sellers - are requested to take responsibility for their own transactions. Your buyer will be notified and will be able to pay you when they next log in to the system.

Important! Make sure the Transaction Type is set to Invoice and not Transfer. Otherwise you will end up sending credits to your buyer rather than requesting them to send you credits!

If you forget your password

Use this PASSWORD RESET link to reset your password with your account number (4 digits, starts with a zero) and the email address you registered with. Your new password will arrive in your email inbox (don't forget to check your junk folder). If you don't know your account number or if you need to put a new email address into the system, please contact Us and a member of the admin team will get back to you as soon as possible.

** If you have any difficulties with any aspect of managing your account, please Contact Us. Please be specific about what the problem is, so that we can improve these instructions.**

Further details of updating your account are included in the Online Tutorial