Links to Useful Organisations

The first Link to mention is our map of Neighbourhood Contacts,
which we hope will go live in due course. Meanwhile, see Postcode Links.

LETSlink Scotland - More information about LETS throughout Scotland,
with links to other known LETS groups in Scotland.

LETSlink UK - More information about LETS throughought the UK.

Open Money - a webpage by Michael Linton, founder of LETsystems.

Timebanking in Scotland

Transaction.Net This is the homepage of Bernard Lietaer, one of the
architects of the Euro, and a believer in local currencies.

Freegle - for free exchange of unwanted items.

Ratical.Org - Ratical Earth Journal

SEED Communities

If you know of anything else worthy of interest
please contact us and if appropriate we will add a link to the above list.

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