Links to Local Organisations and Events

The first Link to mention is our map of Neighbourhood Contacts,
which we hope will go live in due course. Meanwhile, see Postcode Links.

LETSlink Scotland - More information about LETS throughout Scotland,
with links to other known LETS groups in Scotland.

LETSlink UK - More information about LETS systems throughough the UK.

LETSystems - MichaelLinton, LETS founder,
has written this very informative page about the original theory of LETS.
Click here for all your detailed questions.

Open Money - another webpage by Michael Linton.

Transaction.Net This is the homepage of Bernard Lietaer, one of the
architects of the Euro, and a believer in local currencies.

Ratical.Org - Ratical.Org's community currency page.

Leith Timebank - Our Local Timebank

Edinburgh Freegle - a group which enables free exchange of unwanted items.

Rokpa Earthquake Appeal

If you know of anything else worthy of interest
please contact us and if appropriate we will add a link to the above list.

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