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Edinburgh LETS Update 2024

This project has a long history. It was founded in the 1990s, survived the collapse of LETSlink Scotland, and has re-emerged from crises several times. It is currently in pause mode but in response to enquiries, and having discovered that the replacement website set up in 2015 was no longer available, this, being the website hosted by LETSlink UK since 2009 at the request of the committee, has been restored, and we are currently working on updating both the content and software behind the site.

The online system behind this website enables members to manage their own accounts. In addition, a new committee may be voted in to organise events and support members locally. Several enquiries have been from members looking to update their own profile, others have been to let us know they are no longer in the area. If you would consider helping to manage the group or simply need help access your own account please Contact Us.

If you are new to this project, do feel free to explore the website - some pages will be available only to members. If you would consider joining, there is more information on the Learn More page, but the application form (along with other content) needs updating, so again please Contact Us.

Events of Interest to Members

Do feel free to post Events as an Offer under the category "-Events" to view them click -HERE
Requests for help organising or accompanying you to an event are -HERE

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