Publicity Materials: Flyers may be put on Noticeboards and Personal Cards may be given to people you are in touch with - you can download them HERE.

Meetings and Events: Dates of all meetings and events are circulated in advance, and displayed on the News and Events page.

Newsletter: We produce newsletters with information on upcoming events, LETS news etc. These are linked from our News and Events pages and emailed out to members. If you are a desktop publishing wizard or if you like to write, your input will be valued - please get in touch with the admin team!

Interactive Website: Once you're a member, this website enables online listing of goods and services, and trading. You can also advertise your social event stall, therapy or workshop in your website offers, which will then be emailed out to members.

Our Facebook page has not been in use for some time and we don't currently know who has access to it, but it does link to the joining form. Please "like" us on Facebook. Please invite your friends, and share some of your own LETS news on our FB page

Internet Access: For those who don't have internet, we have "buddies" and people offering technical help who can either take care of your LETS website business, or help you to access or use a computer. Please contact to arrange.

Alternatively, you can book an internet session at a public library, or click here for a selection of local internet cafes.

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